“Survive” is a choose your own adventure zombie film. This project takes everyone back to the days when they were a kid flipping through the pages of their favorite choose your own adventure book. “Survive”, tells the story of 5 people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse by fighting their way through a small Midwestern town.

“Survive”, allows the viewer complete control over the plot via story checkpoints and interactive DVD menu options to decide which path the characters should take to survive. Choosing which weapon or which door you want to take, can be a life or death decision at multiple locations.

“Survive” will be shot in Nebraska, and will be filmed on the RED One state-of-the-art digital camera.

We NEED your help to see this AMAZING adventure come to the public. We’ve spent countless months writing & planning down to the very last detail. Not only will this project be fun and exciting for the viewers, as it will be the first choose your own adventure zombie movie, but it also is going to be just as riveting as your favorite zombie films you’ve ever seen! This is a complete passion project for us as we’re huge zombie genre fans, and want to see a zombie film done right. We all grew up in small town America (mainly the Midwest) and want to bring something back to every fan of the genre and attract new ones as well! “Survive” is our dream and we will not give up until we have something for the masses to enjoy!

Please contact us about funding this ground-breaking production! YOU COULD BE THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER ON A GROUND BREAKING FILM!    swindlerpictures@gmail.com

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